How To Activate IPv6 On Windows XP

Stats say that within few months Internet would be done with all the IPv4 addresses. Although it doesn’t mean that Internet would stop working, but new websites will be having IPv6 addresses. Here is the complete guide to install / activate IPv6 on Windows XP.

Windows OS do offer with IPv6 Protocol but you need to activate it. We would help you with that part. And once you are done with that, your Windows XP becomes compatible to IPv6.


Enable / Activate IPv6 On Windows XP

  • Login to Windows as administrator
  • Open the Run command box by clicking on Start button or pressing Windows logo + R
  • Now open the command prompt by running the command, cmd
  • Now, type netsh and hit enter. This will take you to netsh prompt, netsh>
  • Now, type interface and hit enter. This will take you to netsh interface prompt, netsh interface>
  • Now, type ipv6 and hit enter. This will take you to netsh interface ipv6 prompt, netsh interface ipv6>
  • Now type install and hit enter

That  is it! It will now install IPv6 on Windows XP. To confirm the installation of this IP Protocol, run the command ipconfig/all on command prompt.

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February 28, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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