3 Best Racing Games For Mac

Its been a while that I have not shared anything on PC or Mac gaming. I have been playing a lot of games on my Android these days, and this have made me explore about Mac games also. Whether you are violent game lover, or puzzle solving gamer, racing games would surely thrill you. I […]

5 Best Free Games For Ubuntu

We have been sharing some pretty good Ubuntu apps and tutorials with you lately. And in this post, we would sharing some cool open source Ubuntu games with you. There is a myth that Ubuntu is mostly used by geeks, but I contradict it as I know dozens of people who are not all geeks […]

Top Wikipedia Games You Must Try

Wikipedia is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and most used information portal on Internet. This is the best open source project on the planet where you can find information about almost each and every thing. And expecting it to be a gaming means sounds a little bit wild. In this post, I would be […]

Best Ways To Play Nintendo DS Games On Computer

This is a known thing that if you wish to run programs compatible on some other platforms on computer, you need to do that by using emulators. So, we would be talking of free Nintendo Emulators which would let you play Nintendo DS games on computer. All the below listed emulators are completely free and […]

How To Play Angry Birds On PC

Angry Birds have already created huge waves on platforms like iOS and Android. Its like if you have a touch screen device, you must have Angry Birds installed on it. What if you do not have iOS or Android device and look to play Angry Birds on PC. Well, now Angry Birds is available for […]

Play EA Sports FIFA Online for Free – Football / Soccer Game

For all you Football fans out there, EA Sports, The leading company in making video games based on Sports is offering FIFA game online absolutely free. FIFA, one of the best and most popular soccer game, can now be played online by anyone for free. This online FIFA version is still in the beta stage […]

Problem Connecting to Online Games Servers [ Troubleshoot ]

Recently I tried a popular game that is well known for its online module. However, I have a problem connecting to the online game server. My Internet connection works perfectly well when I surf websites. So I am convinced that it is not to be blamed for this problem. If you are facing problems connecting […]

Best Old / Retro Classic DOS Games You Should Play

Retro games are still my favorite. Those old classic DOS games which may not have attractive graphics but still are most famous. Here is a list of Best old or retro classic DOS games you should play at least for once in your life. These include games of different types like first person shooter, racing, […]

Smarter Kid – Collection of Educational Games for Children

Smarter Kid is a collection of educational games. It includes three classic vocabulary games, Hangman, Scramble Words, and Word Search; one mathematics game, and a memory challenge game called Memory. The games here are classics, and have had many spinoffs over the years, many of which go under different names and have spunkier graphics. Even […]

Dream11 – Play the World’s First Graphical Fantasy Cricket Game

Like every other online cricket game, this site lets you play with 11 players. But Dream11 offers you to select your own list of players from different countries and make them a team. It is the world’s first graphical fantasy cricket game. You can the owner of that Dream team you created. To make your […]

Play Speed Sudoku – New Multiplayer Online Sudoku Game.

Sudoku is one of the most loved puzzle game in the world. Most of us like to solve them and here is a web application called SpeedSudoku, a multiplayer online sudoku portal which lets you play and solve sudoku puzzles online. This site for the sudoku lovers which offers number of sudoku puzzles. Best thing […]

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Cheats, Mods, Tweaks and Edits You Should Try.

Rockstar has built a reputation of making some of the most controversial games ever but which are, quite frankly, highly entertaining. The last instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series – San Andreas was no different in this regard. Here are some things you might not have noticed.  Here are some really cool Cheat codes, […]

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