Sync Clipboard On Windows, Android And iOS

Clipboard is one of the best tools available on computer to make your computing life easier. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to have a same clipboard for your computer as well as smartphone and tablet? I know its a YES, and that is the reason you have landed on […]

How To Convert WEBP Images To JPEG, PNG

Before I start with the exact way to convert WEBP Images to other formats, I would like to talk about WEBP images. What exactly is a WEBP image? WEBP (pronounced as weppy) is basically a image format which was introduced for web. This particular format employees both lossy and lossless compression. And the fact that […]

How To Block Apps From Starting On Windows

You can make use use startup snapshot to control which apps to be launched and which are not to be launched. But you need a full proof way to do it as there are many apps which get launched while you are in middle of something. Now I cannot point out instances when exactly this […]

Top Free Apps To Customize Skype – Free Skype Addons

Skype is surely the most popular ( and possibly the best), audio or video chat service available. Its been a while that Skype has been ruling the video calling market, and there hasn’t been any other web service replacing it. Very few are aware that Skype has its own app market like Android, iOS and […]

Oxygner – Virtual Keyboard For Windows – Anti Keylogger

Oxygner may not be an actual anti keylogger, but its purpose is to make the keylogger (if any on your computer) powerless. If you ask me, Keylogger is one of the biggest threat to any modern day computer user. Keyloggers sit on your computers in the form virus or malware and silently tracks the keys […]

5 Best Free Accounting Software For Small Business

Computers have surely made our lives easier. In my opinion, one should use computers wherever possible because that would only make things better. Computers have become an integral part of any business. And if you ask me, why should it just be restricted to medium scale and large scale hospitals. If you are running a […]

WinVi – Free Alternative To Vi Editor For Windows

There is no doubt about the fact even after so many years, Vi editor still proves to be one of most powerful text editors on Unix platform. As a Database Admin, I spend a lot of my time working on Vi editor. And I have to tell you that I love it. But I always […]

Replace Genius – Find And Replace Text In Batch In Word And Excel Files

Find and replacing a text in any text editor or data management tool like Excel or Access is not a big task. It can be done by the hit of few keys and clicks. But what if you wish to do the same replacing action for a particular text in number of files? There must […]

2 Best Ways To Find And Remove Similar or Duplicate Images

There are number of programs available on Internet which would help you find and remove duplicate files on the computer. I have shared number of posts on removing duplicate files you can check them once, may be you find something useful in those posts. What basically those programs do is they scan the metadata of all […]

XnRetro – Add Vintage Retro Effects To Photos On Windows / Mac

According to me, photography is all about clicking a photo and editing it intelligently. If you really want to get the best out of any image, you have to edit it appropriately. And adding retro effects to photos is one of the best trick in the books. If you have been trying to add some vintage […]

GPU Monitor – Monitor / Test Graphics In Real Time

This is not one of those tools that you would be using every day, but is surely one of those tools that you would like to have whenever you are testing your machine’s hardware. GPU Monitor is a small program to monitor graphics card constantly in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the unit […]

Piccure – Best Way To Unblur Images And Fix Out Of Focus

Fixing bad images is one of the most difficult task. And unless you are good with any of the Advanced Photo Editor, you cannot fix any blurred images or out of focus images. If you are good with tools like Photoshop, then you can easily unblur images. But what if you are not at all […]

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