12 Tips To Write Titles That Actually Work

The first thing that people see of your latest post is its title. In fact, when you send out newsletters and do Twitter-promotions, it’s your title that first grabs their attention. It’s your title that people click, curious to read the rest of your post. Here are 12 ways to write snappy, great titles that […]

How To Add Thumbnail Images To Multiple WordPress Posts

If you are having a blog with thumbnail pictures on the home page, then this post is for you. You must have surely thought of easier ways to add featured images to multiple posts on WordPress and I wonder if you have found any. Suppose you have recently switched from a normal styled blog to […]

7 Free Plugins For Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is undoubtedly the most incredible and user friendly blogging client available for Windows OS. And like most of the plugins. the below plugins for Windows Live Writer will only make it better. Once you are done reading this post, you would realize that once you start using these plugins, you would saving […]

How to Set Up a Self-Hosted Blog

After a certain amount of time the free blogging accounts that most people start out using begin to get a little stale. There’s only so much you can do to customize your site and make it your own, and after a while the sites all start to resemble one another. Plus most people have a […]

How to Write Quality Web Content – 12 Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts

All people desire to find new methods for writing better content as well as to engage their readers, and they all know the old saying which is “Content is King”. It’s definitely true and along with an excellent blog design, you must have the ability to attract, maintain, and increase your audience on the internet. […]

Tips to Speed Up your Website / Blog Loading Time

Every site or a blog owner knows how important website loading time is. Even the search engine algorithm considers the load time of a website. It says that fast loading site, gets higher ranking. Secondly the visitors like a website which runs or loads fast. It gives them a better surfing experience. Users leave a […]

How to Increase Page Rank with Tumblr

 A web page having a high rank does not mean that many people are visiting that web page. Google and other top search engines measure the number of quality backlinks to a website and assign a page rank to it.  As the rank improves, it is better placed in search results. Backlinking helps to improve […]

What Kind of Data to Ask for in a Subscription Form

When you run an opt-in form to gather subscribers for your newsletter, you might be tempted to include a lot of questions in it. This is a huge mistake! You might think that an opt-in form is a great way to gather valuable data about your users but this certainly isn’t so. It is a […]

8 Ways To Increase SEO Productivity with Google’s +1

If you’re a big fan of the Facebook “Like” button, then you know how powerful this one little thing can be. It has been added by Facebook almost as an experimental afterthought five years ago, and since then the Like button has become one of the fastest and easiest ways to show your approval of […]

How to Get your Backlinks Indexed

If you haven’t been making an effort to get your backlinks indexed, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news: As few as 2% of the backlinks you’ve been building are actually indexed and helping you rank. The good news: If most of your backlinks aren’t indexed, you can […]

5 Best Ways To Increase Reach and Visibility of Your Business Online

Getting top rankings is one thing, making money from top rankings is another. Regardless of whether your business is a large company driven to seize market share or a small business growing online, five strategies can maximize the position, web presence and profitability of your business. Here is the list of 5 Best ways to […]

How to Insert Music ( MP3 ), Videos, Flash Movies ( FLV, SWF ) into Blog Posts

Sometimes media files such as videos, Flash movies or audio files are best ways to make your blog posts more informative and interactive. Here is a tutorial to learn How to Insert  Flash Videos / Movies ( flv, swf ) or Music MP3 files into blog posts easily. This is useful for bloggers who host […]

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