Remove the prompt for Downloading Windows Search in Internet Explorer 8

In Internet Explorer  ( IE 8 ) , whenever you are typing in the address field, the browser always suggests ‘Download Windows Search’ as the first prompt. You want to get rid of this annoying prompt since you do not want to use this Windows Search. A prompt appears if Windows Search is not installed […]

How to log in to Windows User Account Automatically without any Password

A secured Windows login account with a password will require you to enter the password every time you want to login to your operating system.  If you use the computer alone, you can bypass the password entry at the system start without deleting the password. In this way, Windows can automatically log in a user […]

How to Block / Restrict Browser’s Toolbar against Undesired Changes

On every browser, toolbar is one of the easiest ways to navigate through menu items or bookmarks. By default, they will be enabled and it can be changed or disabled with a simple menu command. On a shared computer,you can prevent or restrict other users from being able to change the appearance of the browser. […]

How to Open Unknown File Types in Notepad by default

Whenever you double click on a file of unknown type, Windows normally asks for the program it should open this file. It is not a safe practice to open these files of unknown types as they may harm your computer.  A registry change can configure Windows to open unknown file types in Notepad by default, […]

Run Maintenance Tasks while Logging On and Off Windows [How to]

It’s easy to ensure that scripts are run each time Windows logs on or off. You can schedule important procedures such as updates, backups, and can even run maintenance tasks on startup or shutdown. This is useful to speed up your computer and also to keep your windows system clean. The tool you need to […]

How to Make Extended Log Entries for Faster Error Detection

The system has started giving trouble after a new program was installed. Windows records all events in a log file. However, the details in it are not clear enough to diagnose the problem. In the registry, you can specify whether Windows should record detailed log entries in the event log. You can make a more […]

How to Use Multiple Instances of the Registry Editor

Usually, the registry editor can only be opened in one instance. If you try to start it a second time, only the currently opened program window is focused. You would prefer two editors to be open simultaneously, for instance, to compare key values in a more effective way. Check out our section for Registry Edits […]

How to View & Make a Text File of System Information

If you want to know information about the system’s configuration, you can always check in different ways. The process of gathering system information is tiresome, time-consuming and full of errors. You can let Windows compile the required information for you easily. A simple command will let you make a text file which has all the […]

How to Get the Deactivated / Disabled Task Manager back to work

You have logged into a user account with administrator rights. However, if you try to open the Task Manager using [CTRL]+[ALT]+[Del], you get the message "The Task Manager has been disabled by the Administrator". You can easily get the deactivated Task Manager back to working state using a simple procedure. Follow the steps mentioned below.. Open […]

How to Restore a Deactivated / Missing CD/DVD Drive [Troubleshoot ]

If your CD/DVD drive has disappeared from Windows Explorer and the system folder ‘My Computer’. A glance in the device manager shows that obviously there is some serious problem as the entries are marked with a yellow exclamation mark. This  is also confirmed by opening ‘Properties’ in the context menu of the device as it […]

How to Customize Internet Explorer Toolbar from Registry

The Internet Explorer toolbar can be customized using the registry editor. This can be useful to add or remove elements from the toolbar completely. Every change can be reverted back. A few simple commands can make some unwanted buttons and commands to disappear from the toolbar. Here is how you can do it.. Click "Start […]

How to Add a Disk Cleanup Shortcut to Right Click Context Menu

If you frequently use the disk cleanup utility, at a point of time it may be a painstaking task to perform several steps to get to the actual dialog box. Using this simple registry tweak, you can add the “Disk Cleanup” option to the right click context menu. Check out, 5 maintenance tasks to Improve […]

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