How To Permanently Delete Facebook Profile

Facebook has surely become an very important part in a common Internet users’ which enables them to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. Facebook is not just a normal social networking website, its a powerful tool for marketing people too. Because of some reason if you are looking for a way to delete […]

3 Ways To Disable Seen At Time On Facebook Messages

Yes, WhatsApp and Facebook are my two most favorite means to keep in touch with my buddies, but there is one thing in common between these services which I hate, and probably all of the users hate. And the feature which I have been talking about is that it lets the other person (recipient ) […]

Must Know Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac OSX And Windows

Shortcuts are the life line of every multi tasker, and every person working on computers is a multi tasker. Every keyboard shortcut saves some time and efforts, and when you make use of all the keyboard shortcuts you know, you will realize that you have saved a considerable amount of time and efforts. We have […]

3 Best Ways To Record Facebook Video Chat

Yes, Skype and Facetime are still the most used means to do video chat, but people do not mind using Facebook video. We have shared some interesting posts on ways to record Skype videos and Factime videos, and in this post we would talking about the ways to record Facebook video chat. Unlike Skype and Facetime […]

i2Symbol – More Free Facebook Smileys And Twitter Emoticons

If you are one of those users who love tweeting and updating status messages on Facebook, then you would be glad to know about i2Symbol. This is a free web service which offers you with almost the things which would let you customize your tweets and Facebook status updates. Yes, I am talking about styles, […]

Different Sources Of Income For Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites started back in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. This social networking website was initially started for the students of Harvard University, but soon it was introduced to the whole planet. And as of May 2012, there are over 900 million active users. Now this amount of […]

Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter And Facebook

Social networking has become a part of most of the lives of the Internet users. And I know a great number of people who share an opinion of equating social networking with waste of time, but they still end up spending time on these social networks. I have listed keyboard shortcuts for Twitter and Facebook […]

How To Appear Offline To Selected People On Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking community in the Internet world and no wonder you have number of people added to your list. So, now the question comes whom do you want to see you online on Facebook chat. On IM services like Yahoo and Gtalk, you have an option to go invisible for specific […]

4 Ways To Bypass Social Reader Apps On Facebook

While to start using any Facebook app, most of the users click on the Allow button without checking out the permissions that you would be giving to that application. One such mistake is done by most of the users of Washington post, Guardian, Huffington Post, Daily Motion apps. Do you really think that people are […]

Facebook In 2012 – Infographic

From a phenomenon, Facebook has turned into a religion. An active Facebook user always finds a way to keep accessing Facebook. With an annual income of $229 million in 2009, Facebook has grown to a $1 billion company in 2011. This is unbelievably remarkable. With over 845 million active users, one can only expect Facebook […]

Facebook Tricks – Facebook Smileys, Facebook Fonts

The Internet world is revolving so much around Facebook now. So, here I am sharing some interesting Facebook tricks with you. These tricks would let you use your or any other display picture on Facebook Smileys and use Facebook fonts on Facebook chat. If you have been using Facebook chat and looking for some interesting […]

3 Best Ways To Backup Facebook Photos And Data

Nothing is permanent in this cyber age. And Facebook is nothing different from any of these perishable things we have been talking about. So imagine you wake up one day and find that Facebook has been discontinued, then what about all your photos, videos and other Facebook data. Yes, we are talking about easy ways […]

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