Kloudless – Upload Gmail Attachments To Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

World has been going on cloud lately. With Internet becoming an easily available commodity, having your important files on saved on the cloud would surely make your life easier. Since you get some limited storage for free on most of the Cloud Storage services, you can make use of such accounts and get your Gmail […]

5 Best Alternatives To Google Reader, The Legend – Part 1

Yes, its a legend and its about to die. If you have used Google Reader, then you would be pissed, frustrated and trashed when you heard that this RSS feed service is going to stop this July. Dozens of services get terminated every month, but the termination of Google Reader is something that you won’t […]

Some Advanced Google Analytics Tips

If you are webmaster, blogger, or anyone else with a web presence, you surely are already aware of how helpful having detailed metrics of your visitors. Knowing who your visitors are and where they came from is helpful, but there is so much more that you can learn. Additional details help you to optimize your […]

Ultimate List Of Unknown Google Services

Google is THE ONLY GOD in the Internet world. Believe it or not, that is the fact that every one would agree. Can you imagine a world without Google even for a day? That would be absolute chaos, and nothing less than any nuclear outage on the planet. Google is huge and you have to […]

Google Plus For Business And Marketing

Google Plus might not be considered as powerful as Facebook, but one cannot override its capability. With a huge user base, Google + can prove to be one of the best marketing tool on Internet. If you can tap in the potential of Google Plus, you can surely make your business grow like anything. But […]

2 Best Ways To Download Google Books For Free

There are number of complete books available on public domain of Google which can be downloaded for free. Apart from that, you can download each and every book available on the Google Books domain. Now the question that pops is, how to download Google Books for free without any real hassle. Well, I would be sharing […]

2 Best Ways To Use Google Music Outside US

Google Music has gone official to its final version from Beta, but unfortunately its available only for the US users. Google actually tracks your IP address while you use this service, and it does not let you use it if you are trying to access it from any where outside US. But after spending some […]

7 Lesser Known Things Google Maps Can Do

There are now 150 million users of Google Maps mobile. In itself, this is already a big number. But to put things into perspective, this impressive number is only 40% of all users of this revolutionary service. So, what makes Google Maps so useful? For the first time in man’s history, getting around in strange […]

3 Best Alternatives To Google Code Search

This is a very unfortunate news for all of the coders around the globe that Google is all set to shutdown its Google Labs : Code Search on January 15, 2012. Below is the message from Google, Hi Folks, We’re quite sorry about the impending shutdown as well, but it’s a done deal, unfortunately. You […]

How To Create Email Group On Gmail

There is no doubt about the fact that Gmail is the most popular email service on the planet. And personally, I have been a huge Gmail fan since the day it was actually introduced. Now, it is always benefecial to create email groups. Instead of typing each and every email address of your friends, family, […]

How is Microsoft Battling Back Against Google Docs?

Google Docs has been a long time in the making.  Each year, since 2005, Google has been able to successfully integrate another form of usability into the Google Docs app, making it extremely simple for consumers to use the free web programs.  What started as a strategic way to create and share documents online, has […]

10 Best Free Games For Chrome Browser

Chrome as a browser is becoming more popular. This could be related to the fact that the browser now boasts a well-designed web apps store. And Chrome Web Store is an amazing addition by Google which did only good to this web browser. We have compiled a list of 10 best free games for Chrome browser […]

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