Benefits of Using a Remote VPN Server

When using the Internet for personal or business purposes, it is important to think about encryption and protection of data exchanged between sites. Thus, a remote VPN server is indispensable in that case. The abbreviation “VPN” is a generic name of the connection, which is usually created on top of or inside another network. Considering […]

Top File Manager With Tabs For Mac

There is one thing which I do not like about Finder on my Mac, it is the fact that it does not come with Tabs. A File Manager without tabs feature is pointless to me. I do most of my file browsing and file managing tasks by drag and drop. And considering that fact, a […]

How To Convert Windows 8 PC To WiFi Router

If you are running on Windows 8, then you have this incredible feature to convert PC into WiFi Router. Yes, it means that you can start sharing your Internet with other WiFi devices without any external WiFi router. Sounds cool? All you need is a Hosted network supported wireless network card, and you are good […]

How To Email Word and Excel Files Directly

Sometimes sending an email looks like a heavy task when you have to attach a document. But very few know that there is a way to send Word and Excel files directly while viewing them. All you need is MS Office 2013 and Outlook (configured appropriately), so that you can attach it directly to a […]

How To Delete Your Location History From Google

I was totally shocked when I found that Google tracks my movement. I was just reading some random blogs and got to know that if I am using a Google device and have its Internet enabled, then it tracks my location every single second. My privacy is one thing with which I would never like […]

How To Reset Forgotten Windows Password

I am sure that 8 out of 10 users have either seen this situation or have been struck by the thought that how to reset forgotten Windows password? I’ll be honest! Its seems like an unknown mystery if you are not aware, and an easy few clicks if you know how to do it. And […]

How To Avoid Firefox From Opening Duplicate Tabs

This might sound like a silly requirement, but yes, there are many Firefox users, who are looking for ways to avoid opening of duplicate tabs. As a blogger and avid reader, I have always come across times when I end up opening same pages in multiple tabs. It not only consumes my laptop’s resources, but […]

How To Transfer Skype Chat History From Mac To Windows

This might not be one of those questions that every Mac and Skype users have got, but is surely one of those questions which has been bothering many users and that is the reason that you have ended on to this page. There could be many reasons why you wish to have Skype Chat History […]

Sync Clipboard On Windows, Android And iOS

Clipboard is one of the best tools available on computer to make your computing life easier. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to have a same clipboard for your computer as well as smartphone and tablet? I know its a YES, and that is the reason you have landed on […]

Kingston DT Workspace Windows To Go Drive – Review

Before I actually start telling you about the device, let me talk about Windows To Go (also known as WTG) technology. As the name suggests, this technology has come from the future meaning, it lets you carry your Operating System where ever you want. It all started with computers, and then came laptops which helped […]

How To Get Alerts When Someone Logs Into Your Computer

You have so many ways to ensure that no body logs into your computer like patterns, passwords, thumb print detector, face detectors and may be few more. But the above mentioned options can be compromised with your family and friends & are surely not the kind of options you might be looking for. I would […]

How To Create Smart Playlists / Auto Playlists On iTunes / Media Player

When your music collection goes HUGE, you always tend to spend time on deciding what to listen to. I am one of the thousands of people who play their music in shuffle mode. But I know that shuffle mode does not cater to your needs as most of the songs your player play does not […]

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