How To Convert Windows 8 PC To WiFi Router

If you are running on Windows 8, then you have this incredible feature to convert PC into WiFi Router. Yes, it means that you can start sharing your Internet with other WiFi devices without any external WiFi router. Sounds cool? All you need is a Hosted network supported wireless network card, and you are good […]

How To Email Word and Excel Files Directly

Sometimes sending an email looks like a heavy task when you have to attach a document. But very few know that there is a way to send Word and Excel files directly while viewing them. All you need is MS Office 2013 and Outlook (configured appropriately), so that you can attach it directly to a […]

How To Export RSS Feeds From Google Reader & Import RSS Feeds

Google Reader would be turning its power off on 31st June, 2013. And all the Google Readers are expected to find their alternatives (check out my Google Reader alternatives list). And make sure that you get the backup of your RSS feeds done. Having an export of RSS feeds from Google Reader will let you […]

2 Best Ways To Make Video With Pictures For Free

They say pictures have thousands emotions captured in them and its right. Gone are the days when people used to have HUGE albums where they could preserve their photos and memories. In this new era, everything is there either on your computer or the cloud storage. I would say that may be the mode of […]

How to Choose a Laptop for Your Business – Buy Guide

Laptops have become an essential commodity in any kind of business. The laptops are used to record company information, database, employee networking, getting clients and more. Unlike the gadget market few years back, we are now spoiled for choices. Choosing a laptop depends on various factors like laptop prices, portability, performance and durability. In this […]

How To Reset Router Password Linksys, Belkin, D Link, Any

So, you forgot your router password again. Well, who doesn’t forget their passwords when they need it, right? Some people write it down on a piece of paper like a sticky pad or something. Some people even save the darn crazy thing in a text file somewhere on their computer. Unfortunately, people still forget (they […]

How To Install Mac OS X Lion On Windows Using VirtualBox

Who said Mac OS is meant for Apple made machines only? Well, here is the way to install Mac OS X Lion on Windows using VirutalBox. Since we would be installing Lion OS on VirtualBox, you won’t be able to enable the full graphics support. Atleast you would be able to do things on your […]

How To Copy Music From iPod, iPhone, iPad To Computer On Windows

Have you ever wished to know if there is a way to copy music from iPod, iPhone, iPad to computer on Windows? I bet you have. And if that is the reason why you have ended up reading this page, then let me congratulate you because you reading the right post. Once you are done […]

How To Install Mac OS X Lion On Computer Using USB

Who said you need to dust off $1200 to work on Mac? If you want, you can install it on your computer too. Yes, it wont give you the same experience, but you would be atleast working on Macintosh OS. I have come up with a step by step guide to install Mac OS X […]

How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crash On Google Chrome

I am a huge fan of Google Chrome, but as the universal law says, nothing on planet earth is perfect, so is Google Chrome. If you have been using Chrome, then must have been aware of the Shockwave Flash crash issue. Yes, I am talking about the issue when all the Flash content based websites […]

3 Best Ways To Create QR Code Business Cards For Free

In these times of super heavy competition in each and every market, if you want others to notice you, then you have to have something which acts as a differentiator. So lets talk about having a unique business card, and how about a QR code business card. If you offer you business card to somebody, what […]

How To: Download Flash Games to Your PC or MAC Using File2HD

There are lots of fun flash games available on websites like and cover everything from modern remakes of old school games like Mario, to original RPGs and action games. File2HD is a website that makes downloading web elements like flash content fast and easy. Here is a guide on how you can download some […]

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