Music For Your Mood – Free Online Streaming

Music is the food for your soul and I am not sure if there is anybody on this planet who won’t agree to it. You would agree to this fact that finding right music at right time will make you fall in love with the band / artist. And no wonder, when you get to […]

Top 4 Free Alternatives To Google Alerts

In this cyber age, keeping yourself abreast with all the happenings is not a big deal. But so much of content flowing on the Internet, it surely is little bit difficult to concentrate on being updated on things. Google Alerts is definitely one of the options to keep to notified about the stuff happening around, but there […]

QuiteThyme – Upload Books And Access From Any Device

How many times have you come across the situation when you wish to have a particular ebook of yours on your friend’s device or computer? I guess, the number would be high. Here is a solution for such situations. QuiteThyme is a free web service (yes, it offers many paid versions also), but its free […]

How To Get Reminder On New Album Releases

This is one of those services 8 out of 10 people on Internet would like to make use of. I am talking about ways to get reminder on new album releases. Sometimes it becomes tough to keep an eye on all the latest releases of your favorite artists and bands. There are number of smart ways to […]

Best Ways To Send Self Destructing Email

You might have thought about it but would have let it drift from your mind because it sounds very silly. How can an email get deleted itself? Life is not a movie based on some super hacker, but you can surely send self destructing email. Yes, there are number of services in the market which would […] – Encrypt Email In One Click

Here is the easiest way to encrypt emails. You must have heard of many trustworthy ways to encrypt your email, but I am pretty sure that you might not have encountered anything close to the one that we are sharing in this post. is quick, easy and safe. Best part about Encipher, is the […]

Best Instagram Browser Apps – View Instagram Photos Online

Instagram is undoubtedly a photography phenomenon in the filed of photography on smartphones. It started as an iPhone app, which developed into the most popular and powerful photography app. And after its HUGE success on iOS platform, it also got into Android market. In this post we would be talking about some good Instagram Browser. […]

How To Create Troll Face Online

In this post, we would talking about a free online tool which would let you create troll face. You must have been noticing number of troll comic / meme rage comic. So if you have ever felt like creating one by yourself, then here is a wonderful tool. RageMaker is a free online tool which […]

4 Free Alternatives To TweetDeck For Mac

TweetDeck is one of the oldest and most popular Twitter desktop clients that have been launched so far. If you are looking for some good alternatives to TweetDeck for Mac (I am not really concerned about the reasons), then this post would prove to be helpful to you. We have shared number of “similar programs” […]

6 Best Ways To Print Instagram Photos

Instagram has undoubtedly been the best photography for iPhone and iPad. I won’t be mistaken if I label this app as one of the major distinguishing factors between iPhone and other Android smartphones. Recently, it was introduced into Android market too. And this move made Instagram the best photography app on the planet. You must […]

10 Free Apps For Instagram To Use It Better

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular photography app available. And the fact that Facebook bought it recently is testimony to this fact. If you are fan of Instagram and love using it, then you would like the below post which will allow you to use Instagram better. I have compiled a list of free apps […]

i2Symbol – More Free Facebook Smileys And Twitter Emoticons

If you are one of those users who love tweeting and updating status messages on Facebook, then you would be glad to know about i2Symbol. This is a free web service which offers you with almost the things which would let you customize your tweets and Facebook status updates. Yes, I am talking about styles, […]

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