5 Top Apps For Ubuntu 13.04 and Things To Do After Installing

I love lists. I love reading lists and I love sharing them. And here is one more adding to our list of lists. We have been sharing some interesting stuff on Ubuntu, which includes lists, tips & tricks, apps and much more. And in this post, we would sharing a list of some top apps for Ubuntu 13.04, […]

5 Must Have Apps For Ubuntu 12.10 – Part 2

We have already shared a list on best Ubuntu 12.10 apps, and its time for the second installment. Ubuntu 12.10 is the most advanced version and is definitely being loved by the Ubuntu fans. In their opinion, its far more better than Windows 8. Anyways, we are not here to discuss the BEST OPERATING SYSTEM, infact […]

5 Must Have Utility Apps For Ubuntu 12.10 – Part 1

Ubuntu 12.10 is the most updated version of the Ubuntu OS. Anyways, I am not writing this post to tell you about Ubuntu 12.10. Infact, I am compiling this post to list out some of must have apps for Ubuntu 12.10. I have labeled this post as top Utility apps because of the kind of […]

Top Free RSS Readers For Ubuntu

I have shared a lot of stuff on RSS which includes a list on 5 free RSS Readers for Mac and this time I would doing the same for Ubuntu. Yes, I would be sharing few top free RSS Readers for Ubuntu. Gone are the days when Ubuntu was just meant for geeks. More and […]

5 Best Free Apps For Ubuntu 12.04 – Part 1

We have shared a wonderful post on few must have apps for Ubuntu 12.04 and I would like to extend that list the below post. Before I get into this post, best free apps for Ubuntu 12.04, I would like you check the previously linked post. In this post I have actually tried to include […]

3 Free Alternatives To Nero For Ubuntu

Windows being the most popular operating system on the planet, some of its apps stand out in the popularity chart and Nero is one among them. And like many popular Windows programs, Nero is also not available for other platforms. In this post we would be talking about free Nero alternatives to Nero for Ubuntu. […]

How To Install NetBeans On Ubuntu

If you are a developer and need a powerful IDE, NetBeans is completely free and one of the best options. Best of all, it is cross platform compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. Works like a charm with C / C + +, Java and PHP but also supports the odd framework, Hibernate, Spring and […]

4 Best Free AntiVirus For Ubuntu 12.04

With time passing, I have learned a lesson that antivirus is a must have program for every computer regardless the operating system it is working on. We have already shared number of posts on free antivirus programs for Windows, Mac, Android and now this post is about protecting Ubuntu 12.04 from virus, spam, malware, trojan […]

5 Free Alternatives To Windows Live Writer For Ubuntu / Linux

I have been blogging since 3 years and trust me, I have not come across a blogging app as perfect and as simple as Windows Live Writer. I have switched to Mac about 6 months back, and I am still looking for a better tool. In this post I have compiled a list of free […]

6 Best Free Photo Editors For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the latest Linux distribution by Ubuntu. Its Beta version is already out and number of users have started using it on pretty big scale. The very first thing that people look for when the switch to new operating systems are alternate programs to the software they have been using on their […]

How To Add / Enable Screensavers On Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the latest version of this incredible open source OS. And since it is new, people who are new to Ubuntu will need some help in doing few things on this machine. In this post, we would let to know how to add / enable screensavers on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. By default, […]

10 Free Must Have Apps For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is the latest Ubuntu release. Officially named as Ubuntu 12.04 ‘Precise Pangolin’, this operating system is by far the most advanced Ubuntu version. Currently its in Beta version, by has already surprised a great percentage of people with its features. Its interesting features include, ClickPad, Unity desktop, RhythmBox, Libre Office and many […]

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