Kingston DT Workspace Windows To Go Drive – Review

Before I actually start telling you about the device, let me talk about Windows To Go (also known as WTG) technology. As the name suggests, this technology has come from the future meaning, it lets you carry your Operating System where ever you want. It all started with computers, and then came laptops which helped […]

How Sharing Hardware Can Make the Cost of a Compuer Next to Nothing

When you run a business, the idea of having to purchase computers for everyone in your company can seem intimidating. You can relax in knowing that there are ways to share hardware, or create machines that are not really there, to help save money on your computer costs. Individuals who are looking to save money […]

How to Use Old USB Hardware Devices with No Drivers Support with Windows 7 / Vista

If you have very old USB Hardware devices like scanner, printer, etc., which are working fine, but for which there are no Vista and Windows 7 drivers any more. You don’t need to buy a new one and can easily use your old USB devices, for which there are no latest  drivers for Windows 7 […]

Reduce / Suppress Excessive Usage of Printer Colors – Manage Color Profiles

Photo tools often print incredibly colorful pictures by using a lot of printer color. Uninstalling or changing the tool doesn’t stop the wastage of color. With a small tweak, You can easily reduce this excessive usage of printer colors. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a very extensive color management, which is as much responsible […]

How to Fix – No Audio after Graphics Card Installation – Troubleshoot

I recently got a new ATI graphics card to spice up my gaming experience. Soon after installing the drivers I could not extract any more audio from my computer. If you are facing a similar problem, Here is the troubleshooting steps to fix the No audio problem. Graphic cards are lately also sound cards! Sounds […]

Overclock your Graphics Processing Unit ( GPU ) with RivaTuner

GPUs ( Graphics Processing Unit ) can also be overclocked but it can be risky. Therefore Nvidia and ATI have hidden the overclocking options deep in their drivers. However you can access the settings for core and memory speed using RivaTuner, a software suitable for Suitable for Graphics cards of Nvidia and ATI models with […]

SetFSB – Overclock Bus Speed of Motherboard / CPU from Windows

Most mainstream and high-end motherboards come bundled with a utility to overclock the CPU from Windows. But if you have an entry-level or an older motherboard, then you can use the freeware tool called SetFSB, a best overclocking tool which works with most motherboards. SetFSB starts up as a dialog box with a tabbed interface […]

How to Check Pen / Flash Drives & Memory Cards for Errors

The SD cards you used in your camera or or thumb drives may be defective and it will not be possible to read some of the files. To ensure all your flash memory devices are working fine, You can conduct a thorough test using Check Flash, a free utility that can be used to test […]

How to Amplify AC3 Sound Volume on a Notebook – Increase DVDs Volume

Your notebook plays MP3s and music CDs correctly and at full volume. But for videos and DVDs, the volume seems to be a little lower than usual. This unsatisfactory and frustrating situation is caused by a faulty AC3 driver implementation. The fact that the audio is even audible means that the AC3 driver is working […]

Clicking on Drives shows “resycled/ is not a valid Windows32 application” [ Troubleshoot ]

Sometimes, whenever you click on any of the drives (C, D, E or F), they do not open. But when it opens, a message showing  ‘resycled/  is not a valid Windows32 application’ pops up. If you are facing this situation, Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem. The error is being caused by a virus. […]

Pen / Flash Drive showing Less Memory [Troubleshoot]

Sometimes the pen drives or flash drives show less memory than their original capacity. I recently saw a 512 MB pen drive which shows a total memory of 495 MB. Where is the rest of the memory on the drive? Is there a fault with the pen drive? Here are the answers.. This is not […]

Problems During Computer Games Installation – Error Messages [ Troubleshoot ]

Sometimes, a brand new game DVD you bought may not work. You may face error messages whenever you try to install the game making the installation impossible. What could be the possible cause for this? Here is a way to troubleshoot the computer game installation errors. Problems encountered during installation often reflect the quality of […]

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