How To Underline Text In Different Colors In MS Word 2010, 2007, 2003

Have you ever tried to underline text in different colors in MS Word 2010, 2007 and 2003. No? Then here is some help for you which would help you do so. Its not about changing the color of text all the time, because changing the colors of underlines does help. Underline Text In Different Colors […]

How to Highlight / Flash Cell Contents of Excel Files using Macros

If you have certain data in MS Excel cells that needs to be highlighted and brought attention to, merely changing its font attributes may not always serve the purpose. You can try some simple macros to make your cell contents flash instead. First you need to define a cell style. To do so, carry out […]

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails In Microsoft Outlook

I love to use MS Outlook as it lets me keep my mail box organized and clean. There have been times when I delete my mails and wonder if I could recover them back. Well, here are step by step guides to recover permanently deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook. Recover Permanently Deleted Emails In Microsoft […]

How To Compare Excel Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is a powerful package to manage numbers, and comparing Excel spreadsheets is always a huge task if you are not good with it. So, here is free tool with which you can compare Excel spreadsheets, individual ranges as well as other Excel files. Excel Compare is amazingly user friendly and just at the […]

Free Download Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Now this is news, as all the subscribers of MSDN or TechNet get a chance to avail a free license key / product code for free download of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. This copy of Office 2011 for Mac is the final RTM version. If you believe that Microsoft Office 2011 is meant for […]

Free Download Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional With License / Serial Key

Free license / serial key of Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional for full version free download is available as a promotional offer by Computer Shopper Magazine. This is a limited giveaway of free license key / activation code for this Office suite. With time, Kingsoft Office Suite have grown exponentially. And its latest version, Kingsoft Office […]

How to Change Highlight Color at Once in Word Documents

There are times when you need to locate a particular document in a hurry from a host of similar documents in the same folder; it can get very time consuming and cumbersome. One technique is to create identifiers like highlighting words in your document. If you want to change all the highlights in your document […]

How To Sync Your Blackberry With Outlook

When it comes to business phones, BlackBerry has been leading the charts. If you are wondering how to sync your BlackBerry with Outlook, here is the tutorial. Here is the step by step procedure for the whole setup of you BlackBerry and Outlook. You can easily count on this procedure to sync your BlackBerry with […]

Right-click to Scroll back Slides during Live Powerpoint Presentations

Controlling a presentation using wireless mouse is practical. Clicking the left mouse button takes you to the next slide, but right-clicking only displays the context menu, whereas you want to scroll back with it. You can disable the display of the context menu and go back to previous slides using right click. For this, go […]

How to do Customized Numbering for Pages in one Single Word Document

In addition to the table of contents, large documents often require special or different numbering for different pages of a single document. For example, the page numbers start only after the cover page or the table of contents has Roman numbers. The customized numbering of word documents helps provide better indexing of the file. Microsoft […]

Determine the Last Day of the Month Easily using Integrated Function in Excel

You often need to check the last day of a particular month for due dates and deadlines. You want to automate this determination of the right date in order to avoid any errors caused due to leap years, for example. The table function ‘EOMONTH’ helps in calculating the correct date. In the older versions of […]

How to Save and Apply Filter settings Quickly in Excel

Microsoft Excel has effective filter functions for evaluation of table data. Separate filters can also be set for individual columns. This may be good, but you have to set the criteria newly each time after editing the data. Now that’s tedious. Though there is no evident function to save the filter settings, a user-defined view […]

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