Must Know RUN Commands In Windows OS

RUN utility is one of the best features offered by Windows OS. Since its introduction, shortcuts savvy people have been loving it. Whether it would launching any software, application or any Windows snapshot, RUN commands have been the first option for many. If you belong to the Windows run commands fan club, then you must […]

2 Best Ways To Fix Video Lag On Windows Media Player

If you are a Windows Media Player lover, then you would surely want to continue using it regardless that you get to hear or read about it (I am talking about the bad things here). And I am sure that while you have been using Windows Media Player, you might have noticed video lag sometimes. […]

3 Best Ways To Move / Rename / Delete Locked File On Windows

You should know how to┬áhandle┬álocked files in Windows as its one of the most common problem on Windows. A file is basically locked when some other process is using it. And sometimes such locks do not get released and does not allow you to do anything with that file. Once a file is locked, you […]

4 Best Free DJ Mixing Software For Windows

Well, it isn’t necessary that you need to have PRO tools to try out your hands on DJ Mixing. We have already shared some nice, free DJ Software for Mac. With the multiple requests from our readers, I am compiling another list on best free DJ Mixing Software for Windows. If you have an inclination […]

Best Ways To Limit Internet Speed On Windows

Speeding up the Internet might not be the trick that you would always look for. Sometimes you would also want to limit the Internet speed on your computer because of N number of reasons. Consider a situation when your cousins visit your home, and you are scared that they would consume all your Internet bandwidth. […]

Rocket Dock – Mac Like Application Launcher For Windows

One of the best features of Mac OS is its dock. And it is also one of those features which is not offered by any other OS. I have been using Mac since one year and have loved every bit of it. And when I work on my Windows machine, I miss few of the […]

How To Sync iPhone With Windows 7 Using Bluetooth

This post would prove that iPhone or iPad can only use its Bluetooth for transferring files between any other Apple device is nothing more than a myth. You can very well connect your iPhone / iPad with Windows 7 using Bluetooth. In this post, we have shared step by step procedure to sync iPhone with […]

How To Change IP Address On Windows 7

If you are working on Windows 7, and you need to change / renew IP address, then it is quite possible. Yes, you can easily do it even if you are not good with computers. In order to renew IP address on Windows 7, you can blindly follow the below steps as it is fool […]

2 Ways To Change MAC Address In Windows 7

Well, what exactly a MAC address is? If you are aware of computer networks, then you must be knowing it. But here is some information regarding it. Media Access Control Address, commonly known as MAC Address is a unique identification number that comes assigned to your hardware. MAC Address by actually assigned by a standard […]

How To Install Software On Windows Without Admin Access

Yes, it is quite true that you cannot install apps on a OS without admin rights. But, there are a couple of ways which can be tried to check you can install programs on Windows without admin access. No, these are not hacks as we wont be doing anything with the system files. It is […]

How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 From Windows 7, Vista

Internet Explorer 9 is by far the best Internet Explorer ever released. But if this fact is not inspiring enough for you to start using it, we bring you the guide to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 from Windows 7, Vista. Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 From Windows 7, Vista Regardless your reason behind uninstalling IE 9, […]

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7

Since few days, we getting a lot to read about Windows 8. We got to see the new interface, new task bar design, any many other new features. But only time would prove if it is actually true or not. But, I find nothing wrong in assuming these things to be true and using Windows […]

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