3 Secret VLC Player Tips And Tricks

In my opinion, VLC player is the most powerful media player for any computer. It is not just the fact that it lets you play any format, but there are number of features which makes it so special.

There are few hidden VLC Player tips and tricks and many of us might not be aware of. I am sure, that once you are done reading these secret tips and tricks of VLC Player, you would surely want to try them out.

3 Secret VLC Player Tips And Tricks

Add Watermarks

I still remember the day when I tried dozens of video editors to add watermarks. And the fact that I have been using VLC then and was not aware that VLC Player could have done the job for me still hurts.

All you need to do is navigate to Tools > Effects and Filters. And then on the Video Effects tab, you need to click on Vout / Overlay tab. Here you can easily create the watermark and add the same to your video without any third party tool.

Converting Video Files

You can use VLC Player to convert video into different formats. Now how to do that? Once you click on the Open File button, click on the File tab and then just click on the Add button to select the file that you want to convert.

And then, click on the Convert / Save button. This will launch you another window, where you can again change the source video and then you can choose the destination path and then choose the format into which you want to convert video and click on the Start button.

So no need to look for the video convertors if you have been using VLC player.

Listen To Radio On VLC

Did you know that you have radio in VLC Player? All you need to do is click on the Playlist button and then on the Internet on the left side. This will pop up number of radio stations that you can listen to.

These are the some of the most useful VLC tips and tricks that most of the users are not aware of. If you know any such tip or trick, please do share with us.

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September 18, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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