ProCon Latte – Free Personal Content Filter to Block / Restrict Websites

ProCon Latte is a free Firefox browser add-on which can be used as a personal content filter. It is used to block access to websites with adult content, explicit material or anything that is inappropriate to children. It will allow you to limit the websites which can be opened and can even restrict sites based on keywords in the domain or content of the website.

procon latte

You can also create a white list which contains the sites which you allow your children to browse. The keyword lists of ProCon Latte can be edited. You can even import already created lists. Another best feature is the Profanity filter that will automatically replace words that you consider unsuitable with a placeholder text.

Other features of ProCon Latte include password protection, optional right-click integration, import/export of settings, and option to lock access to about:config, and more. This is one of the must have tools for Parental Control

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