Basic Must Know Alfred Tips And Tricks On Mac OS

Alfred Hat is one of the best apps that I have ever come across my entire life. And once you start using at full fledge, I am pretty sure that you will have the same opinion.

Alfred Hat is not just an alternative to Spotlight, infact its more powerful than that. Here are some of the basic but, must know Alfred tips and tricks that every Alfred user should be aware of. And once you start getting used to these tricks, you would soon get addicted to Alfred for good and would end up saving so much of your efforts and time.

Basic Must Know Alfred Tips And Tricks On Mac OS

Basic Must Know Alfred Tips And Tricks On Mac OS

Find, Open And Search Inside Files

If you were using Alfred only to launch applications, then you were not at all using this powerful tool. You can search files by using find <file_name> inside the Alfred search bar. And in order to open any particular file, use open <file_name>.

And its in file search feature is super fast. Suppose, you want to find all the files which have a string or word in its content, then you can use the keyword in to get your job done. For example, in where is my love

System Commands On Alfred

System Commands On Alfred

There are number of system actions that Alfred lets you do which include, check trash, empty trash, quit apps, eject drives, logout, sleep, restart, shutdown and many more. To check them out, get on to Alfred Preferences and click on the System Commands on the left panel.

Use Dictionary

With Alfred Hat, you need not launch Dictionary explicitly in order to use it. If you want to do a spell check, do spell <word> in the Alfred and for meaning, do define <word>

Tweak The Search Results

If you are doing a search on Alfred, it would only list out Applications, Bookmarks, Contacts and Preferences. In order to add more  type of items to the search results, all you need to do is launch Alfred Preferences and put checks across all the file types in the Default Results section.

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