Running Short of Disk Space or Sudden Memory Loss [ Troubleshoot ]

Are you facing a situation where you are running short of disk space, without having saved gigabytes worth of data or installing many programs lately. In this case of Low disk space, available disk space shrinks without your doing anything, recent system crashes are probably the cause.

If the error reporting tool is activated, Windows saves a memory map during every system crash, for you to send to Microsoft. All such data remains saved even if it is not needed after that. Since the memory size of today’s computers is often in gigabytes, these memory maps take up a lot of disk space.

You can safely delete the relevant files. For this, check the contents of this folder in Windows Explorer :  “C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\ERRORREP\UserDumps”. Delete all the existing HDMP as well as MDMP flies. The first type is the uncompressed memory map, while the second type is a compressed version of the same contents for sending the error report to Microsoft.

NOTE: If you don’t send error reports to Microsoft, it would be best to completely switch off this function, so that the system does not create these huge files in the first place. You can turn off error reports all together by right clicking “My Computer” and selecting the “Properties” tab.  Choose the “Advanced” tab and then click “Error reporting”. You can disable Error reporting altogether or you can change its status.

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July 11, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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