Manage your Windows XP Desktop Better with Virtual Desktop Manager

Moving too many windows opened simultaneously is very tedious. Besides, the budget is too small to procure a giant TFT.  If you are short on desktop space, you have the option of virtually enlarging the monitor with Virtual Desktops. With Multiple Desktops in one Monitor, You can then group communication and Internet programs, on one desktop and office applications on the other.

The advantage here is that you need not search for the window of the mail program, for example, amongst multiple work-related windows.The ‘Virtual Desktop Manager’ from the XP PowerToys is a simple and free tool for enabling virtual desktops. The tool collection is available at the website  or Download Here

virtual desktop manager for windows xp

The tool is ready-to-use immediately after installation, even if you don’t notice any changes. Simply right click anywhere in the taskbar and select ‘Toolbars > Desktop Manager’. Now you will see the ‘MSVDM’ toolbar for quick screen changes in the taskbar.

However, the displayed text does not have any function, in fact, it only wastes space. In order to get rid of it, remove the taskbar lock first by right clicking on it and selecting the ‘Lock the taskbar’ context command. Now right click on the Start bar of the toolbar and untick the ‘Show title’ option.

Clicking once on the ‘Preview’ symbol will show an overview of all the four virtual desktops. It is possible to define different background wallpapers as well as custom key combinations for quickly switching between the individual screens through the context menu of the toolbar.

You can determine through the ‘Shared Desktops’ option in the context menu whether the taskbar should display only the window of the current screen or all windows together. With the activated setting, you can fetch windows by clicking on the desktop which is active at that moment.

After arranging everything, deactivate the option such that you can view only the current desktop. Dexpot is another free utility with a larger functional scope, which can be run under all versions of Windows. You can fnd it from the website


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