How to Solve Synchronization Problems in Windows Vista

You have bought a Pocket PC and you synchronize the addresses and data with your Windows Vista PC. After some days, the synchronization stops working properly and aborts with an error message. The most exasperating synchronization problems primarily occur when synchronizing with Microsoft Office 2007.

You can save most of your data like addresses, dates and tasks in Outlook. After an unexpected synchronization error, Outlook evidently starts preventing further synchronization attempts. Only Microsoft
knows why this is so.

Outlook can easily rectify the error on its own. The email program checks itself under “Help > Office Diagnostics” and rectifies some inconsistencies in the system on its own, however without a detailed error description.

Now delete the pairing with your Pocket PC in the Windows Mobile Center, reconnect your Windows Mobile Device to the PC and create a new synchronization pair. In most cases, data can be synchronized again and it works properly.

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July 5, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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