Twitlet – Easiest way to Update Twitter Status from any Browser

Twitter, a micro blogging service has loads of applications which perform various functions. Updating twitter status is very simple in your favorite desktop browsers. But if you are using Google Chrome or browsing on your iPhone or iPod Touch, it is not so cool.

Well, here is a solution called Twitlet, a Javascript Bookmarklet which will make it easier to update status on twitter from any browser on any platform. Its very fast and very simple to use.


To use Twitlet..

  • Click Create and enter your twitter user name and password in the pop up window.
  • You will get a link which you have to drag and drop to the bookmarks bar if you are using Google chrome or any other and Internet Explorer users have to add it manually.
  • To update your status just click the bookmarklet (or the link in your iPod/iPhone favorites menu) and a pop-up window appears with single blank for your status update. If you want to include the URL you’re currently viewing, just add #this or #link to your update, and Twitlet automatically generates a truncated URL via

That’s it and you are done. Use this simple Java script bookmarklet for updating your twitter status easily. This will be the best option for users who don’t want a separate add on for twitter and want to get things done quickly.


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