Social Bookmarking Made Easy with Add Into

Here is an easy way to social bookmark any of the articles in various social networks or several favorite systems. Its called Add Into, which provides a single link to bookmark content without using various buttons for every service.add into social bookmarking button

Add Into generates a single button which will link to many social bookmarking and favorite marking systems like, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Newsvine, Furl, Fark, Technorati, Linked In and  Twitter etc.

The button generator consists of different types of icons to select from. You can place your button anywhere like in your feed or below your content in the articles. You can even decide between the languages of Interface and service as English or French. There are even ready made scripts available which can be placed directly on your site or on Dotclear or your WordPress blog.

Other than this there are many tools like Add to List of Feed Subscriber button for Feedburner feeds, Bookmarklets, Google toolbar integration icons, WordPress Plugin etc. Using Add Into you can allow your visitors to easily bookmark your articles to their favorite bookmarking services just by using one single button. Go to  for details.


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