Simple way to Make your own Google Gadget

Making your own Google gadget is surprisingly easy—you just need to have an idea of what are you going to “gadgetise,” and a few clicks later, you’ve got yourself a brand new gadget. you won’t immediately be allowed to put your gadget on your Blogger page, but it’s a start.

Start with a site whose contents you want to see in the gadget—I chose Open, a site that allows you to take content off any page and transform it into a variety of formats like XML, RSS feeds, Google Gadgets, Netvibes Modules, etc. Choose Google gadgets. Then you put in in the address bar, Dapper opens a frame with the site in it. Navigate to the Tips and Tricks in the categories and click it. After the page reloads, Click on Add to Basket to add this section to your gadget.


                              dapper add to basket


Choose the fields using the Select arrow at the top. The fields that will go in your Dapp are highlighted in yellow. This is a bit tricky, as the yellow patches have a way of getting on unwanted content like ads or links. If you don’t select well, your Dapp(applications made with Dapper) will be worthless. Give a common name to your group of content— I selected “Tips and Tricks

Click Next to view the content that has been selected. Here, we’ve got a list of the games that have been reviewed in the magazine. This list will now be updated when the site is.

The final step is saving your Dapp—name, describe and tag it, then click Save. If you’re unsure of whether your Dapp works right, check the This is a test Dapp box—the Dapp will be deleted within 24 hours. Alternatively, if you don’t want your Dapp published in Dapper’s directory, check the Make Private option. After hitting Save, you’ll get to make some final settings, and also preview your gadget. You can add it to your iGoogle page, or publish it in the iGoogle directory.

Only if (and this is a big if) your gadget gets listed in the Google directory will you be able to add it to your Blogger page. Google takes its own time, so it’s best to remain content with adding the gadget to your iGoogle page.

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August 30, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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