ReTweet – Twitter Aggregator – Collection of Tweets is a cool web service which lets you find real-time news on popular stories or news, images, and videos posted on Twitter. It collects and displays the news based on the number of retweets. This is a best place to find all the top stories which are retweeted most number of times. It is started as a competition to, which offers similar service.

Retweet - Tweet aggregator has tweets organized into categories like Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Science, Sports, Technology, World and Business and Everything which has miscellaneous tweets. You can view the results based on what you like to see like news, video or images or pictures. You can subscribe to its RSS feed and can even submit your favorite link.

Best part about is its domain name, which is really catchy and using this, you can find the best and most popular tweets easily. it even has a ReTweet Button widget which will display the number of times your story or post has been retweeted. This is useful to bloggers and webmasters to gain more retweets and make their article popular easily. You can try it by clicking on this badge displayed below..

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August 24, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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