PinDax – Create your Own Online Message Boards

PinDax is an online message board creator. Message boards are used to stick up notes or store important information or messages instantly. Instead of using default message board, PinDax lets you create your own online message board which looks much better and also comes with many features. You can use this on your websites or blogs to provide more functionality to your readers.

PinDax - online message board creator

You need to sign up to create and use your message board. Using this web application you can create your notes, color them, search and email them. There is even an option to choose between size of message board. You can easily navigate between messages and is very easy to organize the message board. Other features of PinDax include..

  • Post text, images, files, polls and tasks in real-time
  • Use the Widget and API to integrate into your site
  • Get notification when there are replies
  • Create groups and profiles
  • Control access to your board
  • Search your posts
  • Send posts via E-Mail
  • Chat with other members
  • Add categories and feeds to your board


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