MultiURL – Share Multiple Links with Others Easily

MultiURL is a very useful web application which lets you share multiple URLs or Links others easily. It makes the sharing of links faster by merging all the links into a single short link. This site is very much useful to browse or open multiple sites. You can even use this as a bookmarking tool to store all your links in one easy to remember short link.

MultiURL - Share your multiple urls easily

The interface is very easy to use. You will have fields to input links along with a name which makes it easy to remember the link. Initially you will have 5 fields but you can add more fields and can add any number of links. You also have a batch mode which will let you input links one after other as a batch. This comes handy when you are having a bunch of links to share.

The other additional options include Group name, group alias and password which can be used to create a group so that your links stay secure. You can also create an account which is optional.

Once you feed in your links, Click submit which takes you to a page which has summary containing group details with number of clicks and Shared Links in a list. The resultant shared link can be accessed in 3 types..

  • With Toolbar : The links open with a special toolbar. You can browse through other links in the bunch by using controls of the toolbar.
  • Browse List : This gives the list of links in the bunch and you can go to a specific link of your choice by clicking on it in the list.
  • Random Link : As the name says , it takes you to some random link of the link.

Other features of the site are..

  • Easy to organize links
  • You can advertise on the site
  • Automatic shortening of links
  • Detailed statistics of links and clicks
  • Create branding etc

Check it out at

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June 21, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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