Get Google Analytics on Your Desktop with Polaris Adobe AIR Application

Google Analytics is now available as a desktop application. Polaris, an Adobe AIR application,  allows you to access your Google Analytics statistics from your desktop. This is a cross platform desktop widget for Google Analytics. So it is available for Windows, Linux and MAC. In order to install and use this application, you should have Adobe AIR installed in your PC.

polaris- cross platform desktop analytics aplication

The interface looks stunning. The navigation is pretty smooth and is very easy to use. The application will let you sign in with your Google analytics account. Once you sign in, you will be presented with your traffic stats. You can view 8 different reports like Traffic sources, keywords, Top content, Goal Values etc.

It is free for one website profile, but if you want to track more than one website you need to spend $15/year. Both the free and the full version will get regular free updates with new functionality and features. This is a must have adobe AIR application, if you like to have a check on your Google Analytics.

Get Polaris – cross-platform desktop widget for Google Analytics

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April 23, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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