Fliggo – Create Your Own Video Blog or Video Sharing Website Easily

Here is an easy way to share your videos. It is called Fliggo and It allows you to create your own video sharing website in seconds. You don’t have to worry about the technical details as it is very simple to use. In order to create your video blog or a video sharing site, all you have to do is  select a title and address for your site (ex:pcsplace.fliggo.com) , fill out description, choose site template, upload videos and invite friends.

Fliggo lets you can build a simple private site to share videos with friends, a video blog  or a full-featured community video site like YouTube, where other users can upload videos, leave comments etc.


Some of the other features of Fliggo are..

  • Ability to approve/reject new members, moderate comments and videos.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to view site stats.
  • Enable/disable additional site add-ons.
  • Invite friends to watch videos

Create your own video sharing site at www.fliggo.com


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