Brizzly – Best Twitter Web Client – DM chat, Mute Friends, Expand Links

Brizzly is a web based Twitter client. It comes with a lot of features which will enhance your twitter experience. It can show the expanded view of videos, pictures or maps of the URLs in your twitter streamline. So you can watch all those pictures or videos directly without going to the link or the short URL. This feature lets you know what is there in the link without even clicking it.

There are also options like muting the friends so that you can temporarily disable viewing of their tweets or updates without unfollowing them. You can chat with Twitter friends using Direct Messages, see the trending topics etc. This feature list makes Brizzly one of the best web interface for Twitter.

brizzly - Twitter web client

Lets have a look at the best features of Brizzly..

  • Inline display of video, images, and maps
  • Trending topics with context
  • Multiple account support
  • Photo upload
  • Groups
  • Muting friends
  • Drafts

You can even chat with your twitter friends using Direct Messages ( DM ) . You can chat using a window on the right side. This lets you do private chat easily. Other than this, You can add multiple twitter accounts and can also make groups. You can even save your tweets as drafts and can view the videos, images and maps directly in your streamline, instead of following those links.

Brizzly is a simple, fast and free way to use Twitter and keep up-to-date on trends. You don’t need to install any software to access your twitter. It is still in beta and there’s a lot more to come. Check it out yourself and you will be impressed.

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October 9, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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