How To Install Windows XP Over Vista

Installing Windows Vista over Windows XP is pretty simple. But If you are a XP lover like me, you can even Install Windows XP over Windows Vista. One way of doing this is a clean install of XP which is done by formatting the drive and installing a fresh copy of XP over it. The other way is as follows..

To install Windows XP, first you need an empty partition. If you don’t have one, use computer Management or any Partition Management Software to resize the existing partition and make space for a new  partition in the hard disk.

Under the Disk Management application, right click on the partition and click on Shrink Volume. choose the  space  you want  free after  the  shrinking process. change  the drive  letter of your CD/DVD drive to avoid any confusion  by  right-clicking  on  the  drive  and  then  clicking  change  drive  Letter  and  Paths.

Now  right-click  on  the empty space created and click on New Simple Volume and create the partition with the right drive letter. Boot using the  XP  installation  CD  and  install  it.

Vista Boot Pro - Manage-BCD-Entries

You  will  then  no  longer be  able  to boot  into Windows Vista. Now, Boot  into XP and  install  a software  called  VistabootPrO which will allow you to make entries and changes to the boot record. This software is useful for Dual booting Windows XP, Vista and also for the latest Windows 7.


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