How To Insert Images / Pictures In Emails In Gmail

If you thought we cannot insert images / pictures in our email with normal text in Gmail, then you were wrong. Gmail Labs offer you with some of amazing features that any other mail service does not offer.

By default Gmail does not offer any way to insert an image into the body of the emails. However there is an easy way to do this via an option in Gmail Labs. Here is the step by step procedure:

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Click on “Settings

Step 3: Now, click on the option labeled as Labs.

Step 4: Here, enable the option, “Inserting images”.

Step 5: Now, when you compose any email, you will see an option as below, using which you can add an image.

How To Insert Images / Pictures In Emails In Gmail

Note: You can either upload an image from your PC or you can mention the URL of any image.

Step 6: Now, customize the size of the image and that is it.

That is all. By this, you can easily add images or pictures in your email body.

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April 19, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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