How to generate thumbnails to a web site

Ever wondered how to create a thumbnail for a web site. These thumbnails are very much required for some sites like and also to insert the screen shots of particular sites in your posts. So in order to upload the snapshots you have to upload the pics of every site by logging onto that site and capturing it manually.

The original procedure for taking thumbnails of a site requires some screen capture software and you have to take the snapshot by selecting the amount of space on your screen. This is a very tiresome process. I found a site which provides webmasters with an easy and quick way to generate and display homepage thumbnails for any website.

It is called as picoshot. It is perfect for directory sites & search result pages, site bookmarks or anywhere a quick visual picture of another site is needed.” Moreover it isFREE. Inorder to use this service you just need to know some HTML and there are two ways of inserting your code:

1. <img src=””>
2. <img src=””>

So just insert this code and replace the name of the website with the required website and thats it. The thumbnail will be displayed.

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October 20, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra

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