How to Open An HTML Page In MS-Excel

Excel is “Web aware,” meaning that the program knows how to handle hyperlinks. You can add a hyperlink in a document, click on that link, and Excel opens your Web browser and displays the contents of that link in the browser. (You can also create a hyperlink to other Office documents, including Excel workbooks.) You can even create hyperlinks to different objects on your worksheet, such as a command button in a form.

What if you want to start the browser and open an HTML file from within a VBA macro? There are a couple of ways that you can do this. The first is to simply open a new Internet Explorer object within your code. A macro to do this would look like this:

Sub DoBrowse1()
Dim ie As Object
Set ie =
ie.Visible = True
End Sub

This macro will open the file “c:\temp\MyHTMLfile.htm” in a new Internet Explorer window. If you want to instead open a Web page from over the Internet, you can do so simply by changing where you want to navigate, replace the file path with a URL.

Another way to accomplish the same task is to rely on Excel to figure out what your default browser is
and open the HTML resource. Use the following macro:

Sub DoBrowse2()
yperlink _
MLfile.htm”, _
End Sub

Again, the browser opens a new window and displays the specified file. You can change the Address
parameter to any URL you want. Thus, you can access HTML files in Excel.


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