How to Know – Who Stumbled Your Post

Stumble Upon Traffic is always very good and it will be cool to know who Stumbled your post so that you can thank them. Here is a simple small Javascript that you can use with just one click and check if the current page your are viewing is stumbled by someone. You can also know the details of your stumbled post and Stumbler and can know if your post is stumbled or not.


FireFox Browser:


Simply drag and drop the “Stumbled?” link to your “Bookmark Toolbar Folder”. It will create a little shortcut for you on your FireFox Bookmark.


IE Browser:


For IE, you’ll need to use the following work-around to add this to your favorite.

Right-click on the “Stumbled?” link, then select “Add to Favorites” > “Links.

Depends on your security settings in your IE browser, you might receive a “Security Alert” – “You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to Continue?” Press “Yes” to continue.


You can trust the Javascript, it simply attach your current browsing page’s URL into the Javascript and open a new windows to StumbleUpOn review page. If the page has been stumbled before, it will show you the review pages.


Here is the original source code for the Javascript:

javascript:(function(){var a=window,b=document,c=encodeURIComponent,,’StumbleUpOn’,




If you know any other ways, Please share them here and You can check this trick by Stumbling this post. 😀

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September 19, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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