How To Integrate Outlook Address Book with LinkedIn Database Easily

The most common problem you’ll have faced with your Outlook address books is that your contacts change their contact details and neglect to inform you. Now, you can’t be informed about changes in each contact’s details, but you can at least know when your LinkedIn friends update their contact details. TheLinkedIn Outlook toolbar allows you to integrate your Outlook address book with the LinkedIn database. You can download it here : Microsoft Outlook LinkedIn Toolbar

When you download and install it, it will compare all the e-mail addresses in your address book with the LinkedIn database. A new icon will be created next to each e-mail address that matches the database, and if and when they update their details, the add-on will ask you whether you want to update the information in your contact list.

  • In addition, the software keeps checking to see if those people on your address book who weren’t on LinkedIn have signed up; if they do, it informs you about their presence.

  • Besides just updating details, if you haven’t interacted with any contacts for over 60 days, you are reminded to keep in touch with them this could be really good or really irritating depending on who the contact is!

  • When someone on your address book updates contact information on the site that was not listed in your Outlook address book, it asks you if you want to effect the update.

You can do a lot more operations like Inviting Contacts with one click, use LinkedIn dashboard,etc.. This will be the best add-on to add a third party application like LinkedIn to associate with Microsoft Outlook.


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