How To Get Alerts When Someone Logs Into Your Computer

You have so many ways to ensure that no body logs into your computer like patterns, passwords, thumb print detector, face detectors and may be few more.

But the above mentioned options can be compromised with your family and friends & are surely not the kind of options you might be looking for. I would be telling you about a way which would send email alerts when someone logs into your computer.

Yes, all you need to do is do some configuration and that is it. Then whenever someone logs into your computer, an email would be triggered to the mentioned email ID.

send email when someone logs in

How To Get Alerts When Someone Logs Into Your Computer

Basically, there are two programs namely, Task Scheduler and SendSMTP which would let you configure this whole setup. And you also need two email accounts (One for sending emails and one for receiving).

  • SendSMTP Program can be downloaded from this link
  • Once its downloaded, extract it and place the files inside the folder where your Windows is installed
  • Now open Windows Task Scheduler either by navigating to it, or type in task scheduler in Run box or type in taskschd.msc on command prompt and hit enter
  • On the left side of the Task Scheduler window, you will see an option called Task Scheduler, just right click on it and click on Create Task
  • On the new Window, click on General tab and fill in the details

Name – Give any name you wish

Under the option where you wish to put in the user account, simply choose your account.

Enable Run with highest privileges option at the bottom

  • Now click on Triggers tab, where you need to click on New button which would launch a new window. On that new window, and choose At log on option across Begin the task field. Choose Any User and click on OK button
  • Click on Actions tab now and choose Start a program option across Action option. And under the Program option, click on Browse button and navigate to the path where you have put the extracted SendSMTP file.
  • And finally, add some arguments (yes, its necessary even though its marked as optional) as below:

/host /auth 2 /userid /pass password /from /to /subject “Someone Just Logged Into your Computer!” /body “this mail is to inform you that a sever login detected”

Replace with the email address, password with actual password and with receiver email ID

  • Now click on Conditions tab, uncheck Start the task only if the computer is on AC power and click on OK button and that is it

That is it! Its all done now. You can test the whole setup by logging off and logging in again to your computer and you will see that an email would be triggered as you have configured above.

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November 25, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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