How to Convert RSS Feeds into PDF Documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most used PDF viewer. It also has a feed reader using which you can access and read your RSS subscriptions. A special feature which most of us don’t us is that you can use it to convert RSS feeds into PDF documents. This option is available by default in Acrobat 8, but strangely enough disabled by default in Acrobat 9. To change this,

  • Go to Edit  >  Preferences scroll down to the Tracker category and under RSS
  • Check Enable RSS Feed In Tracker.
  • Now copy the URL of the feed onto your clipboard.
  • Then go to Comments  >  Track Reviews  >  RSS.
  • Click on ‘Subscribe to RSS feeds’.

A prompt will open where the feed URL will already be pasted. If not paste the URL in this field, and click OK. A number of entries will appear, choose which ones you want to save into a PDF and click OK. That’s it and you will get your RSS feeds as PDF documents which you can share or store.


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