5 Best Free Last.FM Widgets

I am a proud and happy Last.FM user. No, this post is not to endorse this music service, but I am loving it so much that I could not stop myself from mentioning how good it is.

Its been few months that I have been using Last.FM and now I believe that it understands my taste and the music this service recommends is spot on. And in pursuit of discovering more music, I ended up finding some incredible Last.FM widgets. These free Last.FM plugins would only let you have a better experience.

And mind you, happiness and satisfaction that on can get by discovering good music is just incredible. And make use these Last.FM tricks to make the most of this music service. So, lets get into the list now.

5 Best Free Last.FM Widgets


If you like telling people about your stats on Last.FM, then check out this Last.FM widget. All you need to is enter your username, choose the type of style you prefer, and that is it! You this HTML code wherever you want to get your Last.FM badge displayed.

Dynamic Tag Cloud

How about having a cloud of music tags that you listen to? All you need to do is enter your Last.FM username, choose the time period, color scheme and that is it. You will be provided with BBCode and HTML code which can be used by you anywhere to have your music tag cloud displayed.

Eclectic Music Calculator

Now this might not change anything to the sort of music you listen to. But still, if you want to know how diverse your music taste is, check out this LastFM widget. Higher is the percentage, diverse if your music taste. Now you can use this tool to get the names of some artists that you love, as this widget takes 20 top artists of your library, finds out the 5 similar artists of each of the 20 artists and calculates your percentage. So its 100 artists all together.


I am sharing it because it is one of the best thing I have found since I have started using Last.FM. This incredible software lets you record songs while its playing on your Last.FM station. One of the best Last.FM tricks, hands down! Now, I am leaving it upto you to Google out this tool and dig out its download link. If you cannot find it, then check out for number of other similar tools.

Recommended Music Tag Cloud

I like listening to new music (which I have not heard before). And the interest of exploring music have lead me to Last.FM and everytime I use this music service, I try to figure out new ways to explore music. This Last.FM plugin or say a trick is one of the ways. Just enter your username and this service will take the top 50 artists from your library and it would display you 50 new artists which you WOULD like. It also offers you the code to get the cloud displayed in any of your blog.

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