3 Ways To Disable Seen At Time On Facebook Messages

Yes, WhatsApp and Facebook are my two most favorite means to keep in touch with my buddies, but there is one thing in common between these services which I hate, and probably all of the users hate.

And the feature which I have been talking about is that it lets the other person (recipient ) know if the message has been read or not. And the face that Facebook lets the other person know about the time at which the message was read makes it more complicated.

If you calculate this feature from all the angles, then you would realize that this particular feature would hurt a good number of users who don’t prefer the recipient to know when the message was read.

I found few tips on Lifehacker which would let you disable this feature. Yes, you can disable SEEN AT feature of Facebook messages. Here are some of the ways.

Ways To Disable Seen At Time On Facebook Messages

Ways To Disable Seen At Time On Facebook Messages

Use FB Unseen

In order to get this feature off your Facebook experience, you need to block the below URL:


And in order to do that, you can use any ad blocker. But FB Unseen is a highly recommended Chrome extension to get this job done. This extension lets you mark a read Facebook message as unread. And this will nullify the SEEN AT message displayed at the bottom of the message.

Use Facebook Chat Privacy

This is surely THE SIMPLEST way to avoid SEEN AT and IS TYPING captions while chatting on Facebook. All you need to do is download and install the Chrome extension, Facebook Chat Privacy and get going with Facebook messages.

Use Unseen

Now if you don’t wish to use any extension as its browser specific, I would recommend you to use a Facebook app, Unseenly. This app actually offers an interesting way to send / check Facebook messages which does not let it mark with SEEN AT notification. Try it out, its totally safe to use this Facebook app.

These are the 3 tops ways to disable Seen At notification on Facebook messages. Let us know which one you liked.

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September 17, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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