3 Best Ways To Speed Up PC Gaming

The first thing you do before buying a PC game is that you check if your computer is compatible with that particular version of the game. But still you find that some of the games get freezed while you are playing and some offer sluggish gameplay. So, bring you some easy ways to speed up PC gaming.

It is not always the fault of your graphics card or your PC configuration which makes your games slow. Sometimes, some settings and tweakings does make some difference.

3 Best Ways To Speed Up PC Gaming

Update PC With Latest Drivers

It happens that you use latest hardware but due to some reasons you do not install latest drivers. This surely degrades the performance of your hardware. Say, you are using any Ethernet controller or graphic cards from Nvidia, ATI or any other manufacturers, make sure that you use the updated drivers. This would help for sure.

Lower The Graphic Details

Lowering graphic details doesn’t imply hampering the game quality to an extent that you not get its real feel. Its just about tuning your computer such that it extracts the best from the video card. So, you can lower the resolution which would surely make the game faster. It would be great if you could lower the shader (shadow) settings, as they eat up a lot of video memory.

Kill Background Processes

Games require a lot of your computer’s RAM. So, if you could kill the unnecessary background processes, you would realize that game is not sluggish now. But make sure you kill ONLY the unnecessary processes. Or you can use any third party application like Game Booster which basically runs in the background and kills all the unused processes in order to make things work faster.

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May 6, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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