3 Best Ways To Skip Ads On YouTube

Trust me, no body likes ads while watching videos on YouTube or any other video streaming site for that matter. If you too are hating it and looking for a fix, here are some ways to skip ads on YouTube.

Yes, all these ways are legal. Legal, as in they do no involve any hack or cheat. Check out the below ways, and give your own conclusion on this.

Best Ways To Skip Ads On YouTube

Skip Ads On YouTube While Using Google Chrome

If you are Google Chrome user, then skipping ads on YouTube is an easy task for you. We would be using a Chrome extension, Skip Ads on YouTube. Just check for the same on Chrome Web Store, and get it installed on your computer.

Once it is installed, you will see a icon in the address bar (which actually looks like a PLAY button of any media player). If you hover your mouse cursor over it, it would tell you what this Chrome extension is capable of.

Now get on to YouTube to do some testing. Click on any video of your choice so that it could start. Now, you will see the same blue PLAY button sort of icon at the top of the video. In order to skip the ad, just click on that button.

That is it! This is how you can skip ads on YouTube while you are using Google Chrome.

Skip Ads On YouTube While Using Firefox

I ll be honest. The Firefox addon, that I would be talking about was not at all meant for skipping ads. It never was. But fortunately, this turned out to be one heck of a Firefox addon to skip YouTube ads.

This Firefox addon, Tubestop was actually meant for avoiding autoplayback of videos. All you need to do is download this addon and install the same. It does not need a restart of your Firefox browser and you are good to watch videos on YouTube without ads.

Once installed, you are not required to do anything else from your side. A great Firefox addon to have.

Skip Ads On YouTube While Using Any Browser

I have tried this trick like 30-40 times and it worked fine for me each time. All you need to is reload the web page either by using shortcut F5 or clicking on reload button.

So, whenever you see an ad on YouTube, just reload the page. This would not show up the ad and would directly start playing the actual video.

These are the best ways to skip ads on YouTube while using different browser. Try them out and let us know how they have worked for you.

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February 13, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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