2 Tools To Check IPv6 Compatibility On Computer

Few years back when Internet was introduced to the common man, the Internet fraternity thought that the IPv4 would offer sufficient number of IP addresses. But soon, it was realized that the experiment of IPv4 did not go as expected because experts have seen that they would run out of IP addresses.

That was how the idea of IPv6 came up and after lot of research it was decided that on June 6th, IPv6 would be introduced to the real world.

The IPv6 protocol has been implemented, and the reason is the depletion of IPv4 addresses under. This new protocol replaces IPv4 entirely in a period of four to five years and improve global Internet.

According to Cisco, 30% of Internet sites around the world will be visited via the IPv6 protocol after June 6. Now, without going into details, I leave you two links to tools for you to see if you are ready for IPv6.

Link 1: Test your IPv6

Link 2 ipv6test.google.com

With these tests you will know if your connection is ready for IPv6. They are simple, fast and provide relevant information.

I hope you find useful.

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June 12, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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