Top 8 Free VPN Services For Safe Browsing

VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) services lets you browse websites on Internet safely. Here are the free VPN services or web proxies which hide your IP address and lets you browse websites anonymously.

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VPN services or web proxies bypass your identification and also geographical blocks from certain websites. Just for an instance, you want to browse websites restricted for the users of certain region or country, then you can use these free VPN services or web proxies to access those websites.


This is another free VPN service in the list of best web proxies. It offers you with a bandwidth of 1GB every month. This proxy service is not meant for the people looking for online games as this service blocks them. But, it proves to be a good proxy service for normal use.


This free VPN service / web proxy works on Windows, MAC. No wonder, this is one of the most popular VPN services available on Internet. Whether it would be it security, user interface and bandwidth limitation, this is one of the best web proxies available.


This free VPN service / web proxy comes in free and premium plans. The free plan offers you with 1GB of bandwidth every month. It is very fast, safe and secure. This free VPN client works on just Windows OS only.


You would love using this free VPN service. Not just the fact that it is easy to use, this VPN service / web proxy offers you with number of VPN servers to choose from, which include US servers, Canadian servers, and Chinese servers.


This free VPN service / web proxy does not require any kind of installation on your computer. This service works on Windows, MAC and Linux. This free proxy service offers you with 5GB bandwidth and 128 bit secure network connection.


Few years ago when I used to play online games, I always preferred using LogMeIn Hamachi. This free VPN service / web proxy is amazingly user friendly and its encrypted tunnelling lets you lets you browse Internet safely and securely. It is absolutely free for non-commercial use.


Your Freedom is not exactly a VPN service but it works very much like any free web proxy service. All you need to do is install this VPN client on your computer, create an account for yourself and start using it.


UltraVPN is a free and open source VPN client which lets you browse websites on Internet anonymously. But before you can start using this free web service / web proxy, you would be required to have an account which can be created for free. This VPN client works on Windows, MAC, and Linux.

These were the 8 best free VPN services / clients or web proxies available on Internet which let you browse websites safely and anonymously. There are hundreds of free VPN services available, so if you use any which is not listed here you could share it with us.

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