Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions / Add Ons For YouTube |Best 5|

Since Google Chrome Extensions of wide variety are available now, it has made Google Chrome a better browser. Here are Top 5 YouTube based Google Extensions / Add ons.

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions / Add Ons For YouTube |Best 5|

Youtube is the Google video site and the most visited site that is perfected increasingly offering better quality reproduction and quality of the videos. Today I want to list top and best 5 Google Chrome extensions to enhance your experience on Youtube.

Following is the list and brief description of each:

1.  Fast Youtube Search: Extended to search Youtube with a single click.

2.  YoutTube Auto Replay: Add a replay button to Youtube facilitating the way you see your videos again. Also allows you to select specific part repeat.

3.  Lyrics Youtube: gives you the lyrics of the songs you hear on Youtube.

4.  Short Youtube: shorten URLs for your Youtube videos easily and quickly.

5.  MyTube: provides a better experience and control over playback of the videos as well as its load.

If you are using other Google Extensions for enhancing your YouTube experience, then comment and share your addons.

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April 9, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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