Best Ways to Store Your Data Online

It is tough to carry each and every piece of data you have to every place you go. So,The best way to avoid this is Storing Data Online. This can be done by using Online Data centers which will store your data and enable you to access it from anywhere you want. The process of Online Data Storage is very simple. All you got to do is register yourself and get an account in one of this Online Storage Services. Login using your password and upload whatever you want like photos,files,documents etc.

When you want to access the data, Just log into your account from your mobile or from any other computer and simply download your data. You can even share the data with your family, friends and others easily. There are many data centers which will provide this service. Here I am listing few of them which are more popular and reliable.


1. Windows Live Sky Drive

This is a product of Microsoft and by far one of the best Online Storage Services available till now. Sky Drive offers 25 GB of Free Online Storage. You an log into this using your Windows Live Id. You may need Active X Plug-In to upload files by using drag and drop. The files can be uploaded very easily. We can store data in 3 ways like Documents, Favorites, Photos. You can create new Folders by using Create Folder option. You can share your files with others by making them available for public. For more info go to Windows Live Sky Drive.


2. Box.Net

This is one of the best online data storage service. You can log in using your mail id and you will be awarded 1GB of Storage Space. If you want more space you can go for a 14 days trail and go forth if you like the plan by paying for it. You can store and share any type of software application in this. It provides greater security by using 256 bit SSL. You can even edit your pictures using Piknik Online photo editing service and can edit your word files using Zoho. To check out its features go to BOX.Net


3. Humyo

Uploading your files is made very easy in Humyo. You can just drag and drop your files to store them online. This service is best feature of Humyo. This offers about 10 GB of Storage Space. The Data can be divided into two types like Personal and Business. You can buy storage space up to 250 GB. It can also be accessed in Mobile Phones or Virtual PC’s. It also scans data regularly so that you may not encounter any virus. For More details go to Humyo.


4. File Den

You can store up to 1GB of data in this Den. The size limit of the file is 50 MB only. Other can download your uploaded files till 5 GB of bandwidth. You can even invite friends to join into this service. You can share your uploaded files with others too. You can see the more at FileDen.


These are only some services which provide Online Data Storage. I will be updating the list with many other services. If you are into storing data online and using services other than these, do share them here.


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