7 Best Free Altervatives To LimeWire

LimeWire lost its long court battle against RIAA, and as the result New York District Court ordered LimeWire to shutdown its services permanently. Since, LimeWire has become lifeline of most of the Internet users, and its termination would surely hurt.

Before its too late, we should start using its alternatives so that we do not miss the services of LimeWire. So, we compile a list of 7 best free alternatives to LimeWire which would cater your downloading and uploading needs that LimeWire used to cater.

This list is for all the LimeWire addicts like me. Here are the 7 best free alternatives to LimeWire:

Ares ia another free P2P file sharing client which lets you share audio and video files, images, documents, software. Ares can prove to be a great alternative to LimeWire as it is easy to use and able to cater all the needs that LimeWire used to.

The latest versions of this free F2P client supports BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations.

Bearshare is an incredible alternative to LimeWire and people who preferred it over LimeWire are very happy with its performance. This free P2P file sharing client was initially owned by Microsoft, but now it belongs to MusicLab.

Its latest version, Bearshare v7 offer iPod support which lets you download music and then sync your Apple iPod to transfer them.

I love torrents, and I bet so do you. And BitTorrent would prove to be a perfect answer for the search of alternative to LimeWire. Using this free program, you can search for torrents you want and then with the help of any torrent client like uTorrent or Vuze you can download the files that you want.

eMule is another free P2P file sharing application which is getting popular with each day. As of September 2010, it is the most popular download on SourceForge, and this speaks its capability.

eMule lets direct exchange of sources between client nodes which results in faster downloads and faster recovery of corrupted downloads, which makes it a good prospect of alternative to LimeWire.

Frostwire is a powerful and free P2P file sharing program which is the supposedly the best free alternative for Limewire for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. This Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing client works on the Gnutella and BitTorrent networks.

The best part about this free P2P client, FrostWire is that its fast, free, clean and stable. And this makes it the best alternative for Limewire.

If you consider user interface, then MP3 Rocket is one of the closest alternative to LimeWire as it looks very much like LimeWire. This free P2P file sharing client has been released under GNU General Public License and works on Windows and Mac platforms.

Unlike its name, MP3 Rocket is capable of sharing, downloading and uploading other formats too, which include video files and software too. In addition to this, this LimeWire alternative offers you with number of streamable radio and TV-channels stations.

Shareaza is another user friendly P2P file sharing client which could prove to be a worthy alternative to LimeWire. Using this client, you can search for music, videos, documents, software available on the network and download them, just as you used to do with LimeWire.

Rumors do suggest that the code of LimeWire would be out very soon and LimeWire can stand as the best alternative to LimeWire. Till then, you can try these P2P file sharing clients, and you never know, you might like using one of them. Although these are some of the best alternatives to LimeWire, there are many more available on Internet. If you know any, do comment and share.


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