Best Free Alternative To Finder For Mac OS X

I am pretty sure of the fact that 5 of 10 Mac users do not like using the Finder. There could N number of reasons behind their preference like, its not really user friendly and gives you this feeling that it won’t listen to you. And no wonder that you expect something better than that […]

2 Free Alternatives To Finder

I have been using Mac since past 8 months and have loved every bit of it. But with time, I have surely felt the need for some changes. And a powerful file manager is one of the things. The default Finder program that comes with Mac comes with all the basic features but with time, […]

5 Tips And Tricks For Finder In Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion is the most advanced operating system by Apple and it has proven to be better than any of its previous Mac operating systems. The most incredible thing about Mac is the fact that you get to learn about it more and more with each day, and there are so many things […]

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