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If you are looking for a minimalistic email client for Mac, then Sparrow is the mail application that you are looking for. This free desktop email client might prove to be an alternative for Apple’s Mail program. There are number of applications which might give a touch competition to Apple Mail program, but Sparrow is one such email client which hardly consumes your memory making it faster and better.

In addition to Thunderbird, Postbox & Co., you can retrieve the e-mails now also use the Sparrow client. This has just been published in a free beta version and features a stylish and simple design – but so far only for the Gmail account.

At Sparrow it’s largely a matter of keeping things simple. This means it is getting lost here, the e-mail and nothing else. Thanks to a minimalist, fresh design and multiple viewing options to choose between which one: in a preview, in a folded-side bar and a separate window or in the course. The program can also start very soon on the appropriate icon from the menu bar out. Of course you can also create multiple accounts and switch between them.

This email client for Mac, Sparrow is smooth, fast and easy to use. And this makes it one application to definitely try out on your Mac powered PCs.

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October 18, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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