Progressive Downloader – Best Free Download Manager For Mac

Finding a free and fully functional download manager was one hell of a task when I was working on Windows. But when I switched to Mac, the story was lot different as I found number of such tools. So, here is the best free download manager for Mac, Progressive Downloader.

This tool for Mac is so very powerful and offers you with almost all the features that you expect from a perfect and powerful download manager. Whether it would be sophisticated download options, or be the extensions to Firefox or Chrome, Progressive Downloader is one such tool which you have to try on your Mac.

Just like any other download manager, this one also lets you schedule your downloads, limit the speed, automate post download actions, limit number of downloads and much more. You would either get fantasized but its interface or you would get confused. But once you get hold of it, you would love using this powerful Mac download manager.

Apart from pausing, stoping and resuming downloads, this free Mac download tool lets you put the system in hibernation once it reaches a point. It uses multi thread technology, which makes it offer regular and constant download speed. Once you install it on your Mac, you can check its options and start exploring.

Progressive Downlader is the must have tool for your Mac. It not only helps you with your downloads with better speed, but also lets you manage things in an easier way. So, try this best free download manager for Mac.

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June 14, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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