Monkey’s Audio – Free Lossless Audio File Compressor

If you want to load music in your Mobile Phones and iPods and are worried about size of the audio files, Try Monkey’s Audio, a free software which lets you compress your audio files without losing sound quality. It is a a fast and easy way to compress digital music. It can reduce size of your songs by making perfect, bit-for-bit copies of your music which sounds exactly the same as the original.

The best feature is that you can always decompress your Monkey’s Audio files back to the exact, original files. That way, you’ll never have to recopy your CD collection to switch formats, and you’ll always be able to recreate the original music CD if something ever happens to yours.

monkeys audio - free lossless audio compressor

Features :

  • Efficient, fast and great compression
  • Perfect sound with absolutely no quality loss, meaning it sounds perfect and decompresses perfect
  • Supports Media Center, Winamp, and more
  • Error detection
  • Easily manage and catalogue your Monkey’s Audio collection with tagging support.
  • External coder support – you can use Monkey’s Audio as a front-end for all of your encoding needs

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